Integrated services/ one stop shops: Navigating the complex webs of policies and programmes in a new country can be a significant challenge for refugees. We hence developed a one stop shop to provide an information service to refugees through better coordination and simplification of information access. Several developer communities in Mannheim, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich joined forces with activists around Grameen Creative Lab and Refugee Action tank to develop and continually improve the Social Projects Hub.

Description of the initiative

www.socialprohub.org provides one place for refugees to look up and work with the IT tools provided to them for easier access to housing, education, and social gatherings with the local community, help hotlines, open universities for refugees and many more. The website link is shared across the refugee camps black boards, Pro Asyl and refugee counsel.

Implementation of the initiative

There is one main organisation, coordinating all the partners: 4onemankind.org . The team of 4onemankind coordinates hacker/developer networks with partnering organisations in 4 different cities in Germany. The organisation also built the interface to social entrepreneurship fostering foundations and Think Tanks to generate new social aid tools / programs with the help of the co-creation platform 4onemankind.org. It is connected to Pro Asyl and the refugee counsel to make sure the solution is spread across key responsible for refugee integration.

Resources dedicated to the initiative

The project is entirely led by volunteers who finance it.


Number of refugees reached by the initiative: 300 to 400 new refugees per day.

Over 40 Tools and Solutions are already listed and black boards are provided in 10 different refugee camps with printouts. Further training via Pro Asyl and the refugee counsel is planned for the next weeks.

Critical success factors

In order to make the help more efficient, a translation of the website and solutions in Arabic and French will be provided. A single sign-on to all tools listed will also be crucial to increase their use.

Biggest obstacles

Educating people to change their behaviour into co-creation, information sharing and reaching out to one-another. It’s never about the tech involved. It’s about the mindset of people.


www.socialprohub.org  / www.4onemankind.org